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These L-shaped tools are used to achieve perfect and consistent centering of embroidery designs—every time!

You don't want the design too high or too low—you want it to look professional
These handy tools help place designs on shirt's right or left front in three easy steps:
  • 1. Place the horizontal arm of the Embroidery Placement Ruler on the garment center fold with the mark that corresponds to the size you have chosen
  • 2. Place the vertical arm of the ruler on the edge of the folded shoulder with the mark that again corresponds to the size you have chosen
  • 3. Mark the embroidery center at the notched corner of the ruler—garment is now ready to be hooped and embroidered
Pre-marked with industry standard embroidery placement markings for children/youth sizes 2-22
L-Shaped; 7" x 9"; white with red markings
1"-8-3/4" markings vertically and 1"-6-3/4" markings horizontally
Instructions included
Embroidery Placement Ruler Jr.