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Posh PincushionsIn the Hoop


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Katherine Artines adds a fun and whimsical approach to creating the ideal pincushion for your sewing room. You'll never look at pincushions in the same way From the Sassy Sunflower to the Darling Dahlia, these floral beauties stitch in minutes and are the perfect canvas to unleash your creativity and imagination. 35 embroidery designs included.
You will love Posh Pincushions because:
The learning curve is easy!
You get to have fun being a confident and creative designer. (Yes, everyone can be a designer!)
There are unlimited uses for these fanciful felt flowers—not just pincushions.
You don't need a lot of supplies—these projects cost only around $2.00 to make!
Posh Pincushions includes:
72 page full-color book
15 pincushion projects
Easy-to-follow instructions
Tips on fiber choices and how to create your own custom colors
35 embroidery designs on CD
Eileen's tips on how to make the perfect decorative pins!
Posh Pincushions In the Hoop