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Accessory clip

Accessories, such as the upholstery and crevice nozzles, can be

easily stored by clipping them into place on the suction wand.

Cable storage with quick release

Two cable hooks and a cable clip store the supply lead. The lower cable hook is hinged and can be turned upwards for fast removal of the cable at the start of vacuuming.

Easy to maneuver

Miele's Swing H1 vacuum cleaner has a slim body and low center of gravity, making it very light and easy to maneuver. The metal footplate glides smoothly around the smallest and most densely-furnished apartments.

Ergonomic double slide switch

The positioning of the switch makes the Swing H1 easily accessible and simple to operate. The current power setting is always Visible at a glance.

Gentle-start motor

When Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on, power increases gently and gradually to the selected power level. This protects the circuit from overloading.

Handle with practical features

The Miele Swing H1 vacuum cleaner is easy to operate thanks to its ergonomically designed handle. An integrated anti-slip stopper allows the vacuum to lean safely against a wall or door. With a grommet in the handle, it can also be stored neatly on a wall hook.

Operating radius

The Miele Swing H1 can clean up to a radius of 28 ft. This allows you to vacuum large areas without the need to change electrical outlets so often.

Overheating protection

All Miele Swing H1 vacuum cleaners are protected against overheating by a temperature limiter. If an airway becomes blocked -for example, by a large vacuumed up item – the motor switches off automatically for safety reasons.   After the object has been removed, and a cool-down period surpasses, the vacuum can be operated again.

Stainless steel telescopic wand

At the push of a button, Miele telescopic suction wands can be easily adjusted to the height of the user. This makes vacuuming underneath furniture completely accessible- this also makes vacuuming in those hard to reach places gentle on your back